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Lawn and garden decorations

Lawn and Garden Ornaments


Garden gnomeDecorating your garden with tasteful ornaments is a fantastic way to enhance your foliage, and to keep your garden colorful every season of the year.

We’re all familiar with the classic garden gnomes, bird feeders, wind chimes, and those pink flamingos. But what about a more modern touch of flare for your foliage?

Benefits of Lawn and Garden Ornaments

Adding ornaments to your lawn and garden will bring charm and personality to your outdoor space. Besides their aesthetic appeal, there are other benefits to incorporating decorative elements into your landscape.

One advantage is that ornaments create focal points and visual interest, drawing the eye to specific areas. This is particularly useful in large or monotonous landscapes. Ornaments will break up the space and add dimension.

Additionally, lawn and garden ornaments help define different zones within your outdoor area. This creates a sense of structure and organization. By strategically placing ornaments, you delineate seating areas, pathways, or sections for various activities.

Landscape Decor Ideas

We researched a few of the trendier and more creative options.  Here are some of our favorites: 

Glass Flowers and Solar Stake Lights

These make a lively addition to your garden. With translucent leaves and petals that catch and spread the sun’s rays,  they add a glint of light and a spray of color. If you opt for the solar stake lights, their tiny LED bulbs will help brighten the night when you’re entertaining in the evening.

Bottle Trees

This is a great DIY project for the creatives who prefer to enjoy their own craftsmanship. Collect bottles from your own spirited libations. Or buy some at a craft store. Slide the empty bottles onto the branches of a [smaller] dead tree in your yard. Or onto a sturdy wire fixture designed specifically for creating a bottle tree.

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Wind Wheels

Sort of hybrid between wind chimes and pinwheels, and they need to be staked into your garden’s corners or among the flowers for a playful accent. Some choose to purchase shorter hooked stakes, from which any chime can be hung. But several varieties, like this twirling beauty, are already staked and ready to go.

Metal Sculptures

Sculptures with muted coloring, are either silly or sophisticated, depending on your personal taste. The deep, earthy hues of brass and bronze look handsome in a bed of ivy, with the added benefit of being low-maintenance weather resistant materials. We particularly like these tall, bottom-weighted bronze birds.

Outdoor Wall Art

Wall art  will add a touch of whimsy to your tree trunks and fence posts. Anything from druidesque faces, to  beetles and woodland creatures, and even LED-lit figures- can all be found on the market these days. If you want to enhance your garden with fun decorations, without placing anything in or on the ground, these small mountable designs are a great option. 

Using Decorative Ornaments to Highlight Your Garden

Decorative ornaments can serve as the perfect accents to highlight the beauty of your garden. By carefully selecting and placing ornaments, you can draw attention to specific plants, features, or landscape elements.

For example, tall sculptures or trellises adorned with climbing plants can create vertical interest, directing the gaze upwards and showcasing vertical elements like vines or flowering climbers. Water features, such as fountains or birdbaths, can provide a focal point and add a soothing ambiance to your garden.

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Ornaments can also be used to complement the colors and textures of your plants. Consider incorporating colorful ceramic pots, delicate wind chimes, or even whimsical garden gnomes to add pops of color and personality throughout your garden.

garden spriteFinal Thoughts

Here in North Texas, we have the pleasure of enjoying the outdoors for most of the year. But especially in the winter months, when plants begin to go dormant, it can be a challenge to keep your garden beautiful. Learn more about our garden landscaping services!

Adding a playful touch of color that withstands the weather is a great way to give your garden some life through every season. For more ideas on brightening up your yard no matter the season, be sure you check out Landscaping Ideas on a Budget: Hardscapes.

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