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Top North Texas Perennial Flowers

Top North Texas Perennial Flowers


  • Top North Texas Perennial Flowers
    Turk's Cap
  • Top North Texas Perennial Flowers
    Esperanza 'Gold star'
  • Top North Texas Perennial Flowers
    Hibiscus, 'Moy Grande'
  • Top North Texas Perennial Flowers
  • Top North Texas Perennial Flowers

With a USDA Zone 8a climate in North Texas, residents enjoy a nearly all round growing season throughout the year. The terrible soil and harsh climatic conditions in North Texas can be so challenging. However, there are so many native and adapted flowers that can thrive in those conditions to bring color and beauty throughout the year. Top North Texas Perennial Flowers.

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The following flowers can be included in your garden in North Texas to bring beauty to your landscape.

Turk’s cap

This type of flower is so called because of its spiraled petals which resemble a turban. This one of the best flowering perennials for shade gardens in North Texas. It produces bright red flowers from May to November which an attractive spot for hummingbirds and butterflies throughout the season.

Turk’s cap is a drought-resistant perennial flower which withstands the extreme temperatures in North Texas. They are also available in pink and white cultivars.

Esperanza ‘Gold star’

This perennial flower is heat loving and it adds a tropical look to the summer garden. It produces bright yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers throughout the spring to frost. The fragrant blossoms contain sweet nectar which attracts bees and butterflies which promotes pollination.

It’s an annual that grows in North Texas, also you can plant it in containers in a sunny environment around the pool.

Hibiscus ‘Moy Grande’

This one is a Texas superstar trademark which boasts the largest flowers across the earth. It contains giant rose blooms measuring 12-inches across and brings bold color to the landscape from June to September. The large size blooms only last for a day with several blooms being produced at a time. Hibiscus grows up to 5ft tall and it helps you light your garden.

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Scabiosa ‘Butterfly Blue’

If you have the love for butterflies then this is the kind of perennial flower you would want to have in your garden in North Texas. It’s also called the Pincushion flower, known for its long blooms which attract butterflies. It has lavender-blue flowers which resemble a pin cushion is surrounded by frilly petals. It tolerates full sun and partial shade.


This perennial flower is a vigorous, semi-evergreen climber which has bold orange-red trumpet-shaped flowers which attract hummingbirds throughout also attracts the tiny birds which flock around it to feed on nectar from its flowers once they are open. Crossvine has orange blossoms with a yellow throat, which make it look attractive and pretty for your landscape.

You can see a full list of perennials Superstar plants highly recommended by The Texas A&M AgriLife.


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