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light purple wild aster flowers

Wild Aster Weed Control, How to Get Rid Of


How to get rid of wild aster weeds in Texas.

light purple wild aster flowersThe wild aster is a broad-leaf annual that typically grows all over the US. The plant goes by several different names including the lawn American aster or just the annual aster.

It typically does well in warm climates and even though it produces some beautiful white flowers, the plant also gets very weedy. So, it is not really worth it.

The good news is that removing wild aster is not that hard and you can use both mechanical and chemical means to do it.

Here are some helpful tips for wild aster weed control:

Pull by Hand

Speaking of mechanical ways to deal with the weed, it doesn’t get as basic as this. You simply need to put on a pair of gloves, head over to the lawn and start pulling the aster off.

However, you may want to do this when the soil is moist. It will make it easier for the aster to come off plus you won’t have to spend a lot of energy while doing it.

Try a Wild Aster Post Emergent Herbicide

Post-emergent herbicides for wild aster is normally used to kill wild aster without necessarily harming the rest of the grass on the lawn.

There are several such herbicides out there but normally, products that contain 2, 4-D, mecoprop, or dicamba should be able to do the trick.

These herbicides are also available in most local stores so it should be easy to get your hands on them.

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Spray It for Wild Aster Weed Control

It’s one thing to know which herbicides to use and a totally different thing to know how to spray them right. Herbicides are chemicals and they must be handled correctly.

Remember if herbicides come into contact with your skin, they can cause irritation and skin problems. So, even as you start spraying, at least make sure you wear protective gear.

Apply Corn Gluten Meal

In case you are thinking of using something more organic to handle the control of wild aster, then you won’t have a better option than a corn gluten meal. It is perhaps one of the best pre-emergent herbicides you can go for.

The good thing about gluten is that it doesn’t prevent the aster from actually growing. It simply limits the spread of its roots. So, even if the plant ultimately sprouts out, it will eventually dry.

However, there is a recommended pattern to follow as you begin applying the gluten meal. Typically, you should start in late March to mid-April.

This should be enough to hold off the aster. You should apply a second application, preferably around August to mid-September.

You will also notice that there are instructions provided on the gluten meal.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with wild aster can be a bit challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

But with the basic steps above, it should be easy to handle the problem all year round.

Nonetheless, the method you choose should be determined by the level of infestation and the size of the yard. Bigger yards with a relatively higher infestation may require stronger measures like herbicides.

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