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Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers


As 2024 rolls in, it’s time to gear up for a season of pristine lawns and efficient mowing. If you’re a homeowner or a professional landscaper looking to invest in a new zero turn lawn mower, this article is for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five best zero turn lawn mowers of 2024 based on their performance, durability, cutting ability, and user-friendly features. Let’s dive in and explore these impressive machines.

How Does a Zero Turn Lawn Mower Work?

The key feature of a zero turn lawn mower is its dual lever steering system, which allows the mower to turn on a dime—hence the name “zero turn”. The levers on a zero turn mower control the speed and direction of each rear wheel independently. By moving the levers forward or backward, the operator can dictate the speed and precisely navigate around obstacles with ease.

Powering these agile machines are high-performance engines that pack a punch. Most zero turn mowers utilize two hydrostatic transmissions, one for each rear wheel. These hydraulic systems convert the engine’s power into motion, providing smooth acceleration and deceleration without the need to shift gears.

Beyond their maneuverability, zero turn mowers are designed for precision cutting. The mowers are equipped with wide cutting decks, typically ranging from 42 to 72 inches in width. This wide cutting path, coupled with heavy-duty blades, allows for quick and even mowing of large areas, reducing the number of laps needed to complete the job.

Benefits of Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Zero turn lawn mowers offer several benefits that make them an excellent choice for homeowners and professional landscapers alike. Firstly, their ability to turn within a radius of zero degrees allows for excellent maneuverability. They are easy to navigate around trees, bushes, and other obstacles, without leaving any patches of uncut grass.

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This results in a more precise, uniform cut, which ultimately leads to a more polished and aesthetically pleasing look. Additionally, zero turn lawn mowers usually come with larger cutting decks and more powerful engines, allowing them to cover larger areas of grass in less time.

Lastly, many models feature comfortable seating, intuitive controls, and front or rear suspension systems that provide a smooth ride. This results in decreased operator fatigue and increased productivity. Overall, zero turn lawn mowers offer a combination of performance, efficiency, and user-friendly features that can significantly improve any mowing experience.

top rated zero turn mowers
Commercial grade Toro zero turn mower. Photo by Gabinho.

Top 5 Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

  • John Deere ZTrak Z994R
  • Hustler Super Z
  • Toro 6000 Series
  • Husqvarna Z560X
  • Gravely Pro Turn 600

John Deere ZTrak Z994R

Boasting one of the most powerful motors in the industry, the John Deere ZTrak Z994R is a true beast. Its 37 hp Briggs & Stratton engine delivers reliable and high-performing power that can handle even the toughest mowing jobs. The mower’s wide cutting deck and high blade speed provide effortless and quick mowing on any terrain.

With features like adjustable cutting heights, comfortable seating, and intuitive controls, this mower makes mowing a breeze. Learn what the recommended mowing heights are for warm-season turfgrasses.

Hustler Super Z

The Hustler Super Z is the ultimate in high performance and reliability, equipped with a 40 hp Kawasaki engine that delivers impressive power and acceleration. Its proprietary VX4 cutting system and cutting-edge suspension technology provide maximum precision, even at top speeds.

Make sure your sprinkler system is functioning efficiently to ensure optimal conditions for your turf to grow. Hop on over to our lawn irrigation service page for more details.

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Toro 6000 Series

With a 25.5 hp Kawasaki engine and a crosscutting dual-blade design, the Toro 6000 Series is a powerhouse of a mower that provides unbeatable speed and precision. Its anti-scalp wheels prevent damage to the turf and ensure a consistent, clean cut every time.

Husqvarna Z560X

Combining speed and precision, the Husqvarna Z560X features a 31 hp Kawasaki engine that delivers impressive acceleration and forward motion. The mower’s ergonomic design and adjustable controls ensure maximum comfort and control for the operator, allowing for precise and stress-free mowing experience.

Gravely Pro-Turn 600

Featuring a 35 hp Kawasaki engine and an adjustable suspension system, the Gravely Pro-Turn 600 offers a smooth ride and exceptional stability on uneven terrain. The mower’s high-back seat and adjustable armrests provide comfort and control, while the heavy-duty cutting deck and extra-large fuel tank ensure maximum efficiency.

invest in a zero turn lawn mower
Healthy lawn expertly manicured.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, investing in a zero turn lawn mower will significantly improve your mowing efficiency and deliver excellent results.

Whether you have a large property or need a reliable mower for professional use, these models offer the performance, durability, and user-friendly features needed to tackle any mowing job.

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  1. oh yeah, I have an earlier model of the TimeCutter and boy, don’t say you can’t have fun mowing the lawn. I don’t really care for fancy patterns on my grass so long as it’s all the same height and tidy. Some weekends I get the grandkids out there and make different tracks for everyone to race around. A great investment and I would thoroughly recommend a ride on or zero turn for people who have larger lawns or are just lazy like me.

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