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How to Prevent Weeds from Growing in New Sod


installing sod in lantana texas yardLearn how to prevent weeds from growing in new sod. One of the most frustrating things about installing sod is dealing with weeds that inevitably spring up a few weeks later. 

The weeds not only mar the appearance of your lawn but also steal vital nutrients and water from the sod, causing it to yellow and die.

One of the services we offer at Ryno Lawn Care is sod installation.  We have all warm-season grasses available, which is what you want for a lawn in North Texas.

So, what’s the best way to prevent weeds from growing in new sod? 

Read on to find out. 

How to Prevent Weeds from Growing in New Sod

Weeds spread fast, so removing any already present on your lawn is important before installing new sod. This will help prevent them from taking over the new sod once it’s laid down.

To do this:

  1. Use a weed whacker or edge trimmer to cut the weeds as close to the ground as possible.
  2. Use a shovel or spade to dig up the weeds, roots, and all.
  3. Dispose of them in a garbage bag so they don’t spread back into your lawn.

Check out our lawn fertilization page for more information on how Ryno Lawn Care treats for weeds.

Remove Weeds from the Area Where New Sod Will Go

In addition to removing weeds from the existing turf, you’ll also need to remove any growing areas where the new sod will be installed. The last thing you want is for those pesky weeds to make their way up through the new sod and ruin all your hard work.

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Again, use a weed whacker or edge trimmer to cut the weeds as close to the ground as possible. Then, use a shovel or spade to dig up the weeds, roots, and all. Once they’re removed, rake the area smooth so the new sod will have a level surface to adhere to.

Prepare the Soil 

Weeds aren’t the only thing that can ruin new sod – poor soil conditions can also. That’s why it’s important to ensure the soil is healthy and free of debris before installing new sod.

To do this, use a garden tiller to loosen up the soil and break up any large clumps. Then, use a rake to remove any rocks, roots, or other debris. Once the soil is smooth and level, you’re ready to lay down the new sod.

Prevent Weed Growth in New Sod by Waiting to Use Herbicides

You may be tempted to use herbicides in an attempt to prevent weeds from growing in new sod, but this is actually a bad idea. Many herbicides contain chemicals that can damage or kill new sod, so it’s best to avoid them altogether.

If you must use an herbicide, wait until the new sod has been down for at least six weeks. By then, the roots will have had a chance to establish themselves, and the new sod will be better able to withstand the herbicide.

Weed by Handpull weeds out of new sod

The best way to prevent weeds from ruining new sod is to weed by hand regularly. This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.

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To do this, walk your lawn every week or so and pull any weeds you see. It’s important to get the entire weed, roots, and all. If you can’t do this by hand, use a small spade or shovel.

Tips for New Sod Care

In addition to weeding, you can do a few other things to keep new sod healthy and weed-free. These include:

  • Mowing regularly – This will help prevent weeds from taking root in the first place. Call Ryno Lawn Care today to get on our lawn mowing schedule.
  • Watering properly – Too much or too little water can lead to problems, so be sure to water the new sod as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Fertilizing – Sod needs nutrients to stay healthy, so be sure to fertilize it as directed.

For more information on how to select and install sod, check out this PDF published by Texas A&M University titled, “How to Select and Install Sod.”

weed control for new sodFinal Words on preventing weeds in new sod

Weeds can ruin the look of your lawn and steal vital nutrients from the sod, so removing them as soon as they appear is important. The best way to do this is to weed by hand regularly. In addition, be sure to mow regularly, water properly, and fertilize as needed. 

View PDF: How to Prevent Weeds from Growing in New Sod

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