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Low Maintenance Shrubs for Texas


Versatile, well-mannered and low maintenance are good words to describe the latest generation of shrubs that are showing up in garden centers. These varieties offer extended bloom times and they are suited for both containers and in-ground flower beds.

Shrubs are a great way to add some texture and dimension to your landscape. Let’s take a look at a few varieties that will add beauty with minimal effort on your part.

  1. Chinese Fringe Tree – This lush green shrub is lovely but not very cold tolerant.
  2. Quartz Rose Verbena – This red-petaled groundcover blooms profusely all season.
  3. Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce – The dwarf globe blue spruce should be planted in full sun.
  4. Purple Prince Butterfly Bush – This deciduous shrub produces gray-green foliage and bright purple flowers that attract butterflies.
  5. Dwarf Arctic Blue Leaf Willow – This willow can tolerate a wide range of soil. Dwarf rounded shrub with slender gray/green leaves and purple stems.
  6. Fountain Grass  – This perennial grass can be invasive so you want to contain it within a border. It has narrow shiny leaves and stems with creamy beige/pink seed heads.
  7. Archer’s Gold Lemon Thyme – The lemon-scented leaves of this plant can be used for cooking.
  8. Fireworks Goldenrod – Contrary to popular belief, goldenrod does not cause fall allergies.
  9. Elijah Blue Fescue – This evergreen ornamental grass should be planted in full sun for it to produce the best color.
  10. Quartz White Verbena – This beautiful white verbena attracts butterflies.

If you’re looking to enhance your yard with easy-to-maintain foliage, be sure to check your local garden store to see if any of these varieties are available. Need some help with your landscaping projects? Click here for a service quote.

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