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Summer Events – Ideas for Your Parties


In North Texas, we have long hot summers, so you’ll have plenty of time for BBQ’s, swimming pools, water fights and a bunch of other fun activities.

Many family events have been disrupted by untimely rainfall, but it’s completely out of our control. However, if you decide to invest in a waterproof gazebo you’ll know full well that your event stands a much better chance of being a success if everything was kept dry.

You might be thinking, well what if it doesn’t rain? What’s the point wasting the money?

Well, you’ll get protection from the UV rays as well, so whoever is manning the BBQ doesn’t have to worry about getting sun stroke.

Summer Events
bobbing for applesA personal favorite, apple bobbing, all you need is a bucket full of water and some apples, it will keep children entertained for quite a while. Once the adults have had a few glasses of wine they’ll be diving for some apples too…

Keeping guests entertained for longer periods of time can come with challenges, one way you can keep everyone entertained is by making it a themed event.

I’ve always been a big supporter of this, you can base it on anything you like. One I’ve got lined up for this Summer is a Game of Thrones theme, seeing how people dress always becomes a talking point, the conversation will never die.

When running a themed event, there’s many challenges, activities and even awards you can bring into it.

For example:

    • Best Outfit
    • Best Couple
    • Funniest Outfit

This can give people a chance to vote on who they want while giving them an opportunity to win something, providing yet another talking point at your event.

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It’s always fun judging outfits at summer garden parties.

There’s many challenges that you can base around your theme, what I’ve got lined up for my GoT themed party is “Find the dragons”.

Basically, I’m going to hide 3 small toy dragons around the garden and this gives people an opportunity to just explore – not that it’s the hanging gardens of Babylon or anything, but it’s still a fun activity.

Those who find a dragon, receive a reward – 5 Silver Stags (Game of Thrones currency) and this can be exchanged for a few different prizes that I have lined up.

Incorporating a fake currency into your event always provides an interesting element, it helps to get people really involved with the role play.

Obviously, you need goods in exchange for the currency as it provides a reason for people to get involved.

Otherwise, some may think, what’s the point?

I plan on creating some GoT themed food and drinks which can be bought with the currency but obviously this is just an example.

There are endless opportunities you can pursue with this and it’s amazing for children’s events as they just absolutely love the idea of playing shops, as I’m sure you’re aware of, if you have children.

I hope I’ve been able to give you a bit of inspiration for the summers ahead, you’ll be ready to entertain your guests all night long.

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