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Planting Fall Annuals

Planting Fall Annuals-Pansies, Kale, and Cabbage


As the vibrant colors of summer fade away and temperatures begin to cool, it’s time to refresh and revitalize your garden by . Say goodbye to your summer annuals and swap them out for a lineup of stunning fall favorites.

In this blog post, we’ll explore three popular options for fall annual swaps – pansies, kale, and cabbage – that will bring a burst of color and texture to your outdoor space.

pansies are a great fall annual
Plant pansies in fall.

Pansies: Charming Flowers for Fall

Pansies are a classic choice for fall planting, renowned for their delicate beauty and tolerance to cooler temperatures.

These cheerful flowers come in a variety of colors, including shades of purple, yellow, orange, and white. They are ideal for adding pops of color to your garden beds, containers, or hanging baskets.

Pansies thrive in full sun to partial shade and can withstand light frosts, allowing you to enjoy their vibrant blooms well into the fall season.

Planting fall annuals is the perfect time to think about fall per-emergent lawn fertilization. Head over to our lawn fertilization service page to learn more.

Kale: Stunning Foliage for Autumn Landscapes

ornamental kale
Ornamental kale adds visual interest for fall.

Kale is not just a nutritious leafy green; it can also serve as a stunning ornamental plant in your fall garden. The frilly and textured leaves of kale come in various shades of green, purple, and blue, adding interesting textures and colors to your landscape.

Whether you plant them in garden beds or containers, kale provides an excellent backdrop for other fall flowers and creates an eye-catching display on its own. The cool temperatures of fall enhance the colors of kale, making it a true showstopper.

We would love to swap out your summer flowers for fall annuals. Check out our landscaping service page for more details.

fall annual-ornamental cabbage
Plant ornamental cabbage this fall.

Cabbage: Versatile and Beautiful for Fall Displays

Cabbage is often overlooked as a fall annual, but its striking foliage and unique texture make it a standout choice.

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The broad leaves of cabbage come in a range of colors, including deep purples, vibrant pinks, and pale greens, providing a visually captivating element to your fall displays.

Plant cabbage in containers, alongside other fall flowers, or even in your vegetable garden for a touch of both beauty and functionality. Not only is cabbage aesthetically appealing, but it’s also edible, making it a dual-purpose addition to your fall landscape. Learn more about the different types of cabbage here.

What is the Difference between Ornamental Kale and Ornamental Cabbage?

When it comes to adding beauty and intrigue to your garden, ornamental kale and ornamental cabbage are two popular choices. While these plants seem similar at first glance, there are a few key differences that set them apart.

The main distinction lies in their appearance and overall structure. Ornamental kale typically has curly or ruffled leaves that form a tight rosette, creating a stunning display of varied textures and vibrant colors. On the other hand, ornamental cabbage features broad, smooth leaves that form a dense, compact head.

The foliage of ornamental kale tends to be more deeply lobed, resembling lace or frilly edges, while ornamental cabbage leaves remain flat and slightly wrinkled. Another difference is in their size and growth habit. Ornamental kale is often taller, reaching heights of around 1 to 2 feet, while ornamental cabbage tends to be shorter and more compact, growing up to 1 foot in height.

While both plants exhibit vibrant hues of pink, purple, green, and white, the specific color patterns and intensities differ between the two. Whether you choose ornamental kale or ornamental cabbage, these captivating plants will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your garden during the cooler months.

Preparing Your Garden for Fall Annual Swaps

Before you dive into swapping out your summer annuals for fall favorites, follow these steps to ensure a successful transition:

Evaluate Your Garden: Assess your garden beds and containers to determine which plants are past their prime and need to be replaced. Remove any dead or dying annuals to make room for new fall additions.

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Soil Preparation: Improve the soil by adding organic matter, such as compost or aged manure, to enhance moisture retention and fertility. Remove any weeds or debris that may hinder the growth of your new fall plants.

Plan Your Fall Display: Consider the colors, heights, and textures of the plants you wish to incorporate into your fall landscape. Create a planting plan that takes into account the sunlight requirements and spacing needs of each plant for optimal growth.

Plant Carefully: Dig holes slightly larger than the root balls of your new plants, ensuring they are at the same level they were in their original containers. Water thoroughly after planting to help plants establish their roots.

Provide Adequate Watering: Fall can bring unpredictable weather patterns, so monitor the moisture levels in the soil and water your plants as needed. Avoid overwatering, as excessive moisture can lead to diseases.

Keep us in mind for fall leaf removal services this season. Clearing out all the leaves will really make your flower beds stand out.

plant fall annuals
Yellow and purple pansies.

Revitalize Your Garden with Fall Annual Swaps

As summer draws to a close, don’t let your garden fade away with it. Embrace the vibrant colors and textures of fall by swapping out your summer annuals for stunning alternatives such as pansies, kale, and cabbage.

With their ability to withstand cooler temperatures and add visual interest to your outdoor space, these fall favorites will breathe new life into your garden.

At Ryno Lawn Care, our expert team can help you with all your fall gardening needs, from plant selection to installation. Contact us today and let us assist you in creating a stunning fall landscape that will leave your neighbors in awe.

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