Stone Border Landscaping

Ryno Lawn Care now offers custom stone border landscaping services. For those who enjoy the rugged, natural appearance of hardscaping as a compliment to their plants and lawn, this is a beautiful choice. 

For over two decades, we have been designing and installing attractive landscapes for both commercial and residential lawns. We’re proud to add this attractive and functional amenity to our list of services. 

Benefits of a Stone Border:

  • Reduces soil erosion and runoff from rain.
  • Many materials to choose from: large stones, river rocks, bedrock, stone blocks.
  • Great alternative to taller borders for areas where a minor barrier is more attractive.
  • Lighter & cheaper than traditional bricks. 
  • Natural, organic appearance compared to plastic edging, metal wiring, wood fencing, concrete curbing, or brick walls. 
stone border

Installation Process

For most stone borders, a shallow trench will need to be dug for the foundation. Our lawn care experts will take the right measures to ensure the placement doesn’t interfere with any underground utilities. 

Once the trench is dug and leveled, we will add a layer of sand for the base. This helps keep the stones from shifting when the ground gets wet. 

Whichever material you’ve chosen will then be set into place, and we’ll pack the edges in with loose earth to secure the stones.  Our final step always includes a quality check, to ensure that you’re satisfied with the final product. 

  • garden rocks

    Garden Rocks

  • stone border with boulders

    Stone Border with Boulders

  • bedrock edging stones
    Bedrock Edging Stones
  • flat edging stones

    Flat Edging Stones Pathway

  • cut stone bricks

    Cut Stone Bricks

Popular Materials

  • Garden stones are frequently used in flat borders or around paving stones. These smaller, smooth pebbles are often either river rocks or are commercially tumbled to create rounded edges. They come in a variety of colors. 
  •  Larger Boulders can either be sourced naturally or acquired from a local quarry. They can be set along your garden’s border as natural-looking edging, or paired with other materials like bricks for a layered appearance.   
  • Bedrock is fantastic for a rusty, jagged look, and its flat surface stacks easily. It can either be layered loosely with offset edges to hold it in place, or be fastened with cement for a sturdier permanent wall.
  • Flat Edging Stones, like bedrock, be stacked for height, or simply set into the ground as a flat border or even a walkway. Again, these pair attractively with river rocks for textured contrast.
  • Cut Stone Bricks are used just like traditional bricks, but they’re lighter and they offer a more natural appearance. 

Design Concepts

Stone border landscaping can be designed to match whatever you envision, whether it’s a complete lawn makeover, or an enhancement to existing landscape features. Small or large, tumbled or flat, ground level or even a full-height wall; we will help you bring it to life.    

When it comes to lawn care, the experts at Ryno understand that there’s more to it than just maintaining your plants and grass. We’re prepared to help you create a gorgeous landscape with a variety of naturally sourced materials. 

Stone Border Landscaping

stone border landscaping Why not add some beauty to your lawn with stone borders, pathways, stepping stones and retaining walls? This sort of individual touch makes your yard unique, and nothing lasts longer or looks more beautiful than stone.

Create A Beautiful Yard With Stone Border Landscaping

For a truly unique and authentic look, you can collect stones in your local area or even in your own yard. Use these alone or mix them with stones purchased at your local landscaping materials dealer, garden center or home improvement store. An artful mix will add texture, color and visual interest to your outdoor environment. You could establish a base of uniform or similar purchased stone and then enhance it with unique local finds for a truly one-of-a-kind appearance.

If your area is rocky and you enjoy rock hunting, you may be able to find the stones you need. If not, another alternative is to purchase stones from a local home improvement or garden center or a landscaping professional.  For a uniform appearance, you can purchase natural flagstone or river rock or manufactured stone. Be sure to ask about home delivery to save time, effort and wear and tear on your truck or car.

You can tell us the look you desire and we can find the stones for you.

Should You Hire A Pro Or Do It Yourself?

When it comes to very hard labor such as laying rock, you may find that hiring a professional landscaper is far more efficient than doing it yourself. Ryno Lawn Care has good resources for landscape stone already established. We have the trucks, equipment and experience needed to make quick work of the job. DIY stone laying can be backbreaking and time consuming.

We’ve been working with stone landscaping for 10+ years in the DFW area.   Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.


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  1. Always been in love with stone so this stone border landscaping appeals to me. I’m not scared of the work but I would like to see how you work and get some pointers and ideas.


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